o2h3 #2041: Daylight Misbehavings

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2021

Hare(s): Glowing Penis Hidden Finger and Blows On the Go

Meet: 2:00 PM
Kitcar: 3:00 PM
Away: 3:15 PM

Shiggy Level: 6.69

Trail Stops: Turkey/ Eagle Split, Wet Feet, Beer/Shot Stop

Cash: $7

1003 Lockwood Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765
Google Map Link

Cum lose an hour of your life on a trail hared by the two most talkative hashers in all of O2H3.
Hare Notes:
-Park to the side of Cafe Panuzzo’s
-Wet feet depending on weather or if you fall at the log crossing
-The log crossing will have a rope for assistance. Those that do not wish to cross may follow the designated sweeper through an alternative trail around it
-Turkey/Eagle split
-Beer stop AND shot stop
-There is a non-zero possibility of seeing mean reptiles on trail 

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #1939: Save the Frogs Day Hash

Hare: Blows On the Go

Notes: Blows on the Go is here to lay his virgin Orlando trail on the holiest of days; It’s international Save the Frogs Day! Despite our mixed feeling on baby seals, I’m sure we can all agree that frogs are friends of the hash. In fact we play a human game of Frogger at every Safety Crossing. Be there Saturday for an unfrogettable time that is sure to be ribbeting.


Meet: 02:00 PM
Away: 02:30 PM

Cash: $7

Shiggy: 2.69 – No Wet Feet/Panties

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***