O2H3 #2192

Hash Cash: $7
O2H3 #: 2192
Title: World Peace Through Beer
Date: Saturday, October 21 2023
Hare(s): Goat Touch Me & Heaving Seamen
Meet: 3:30pm
Kitcar Away: 4:15 PM
Hare Away: 4:30 PM
Shiggy Meter: 0.69
Trail Info: Turkey/ Eagle Split, Beer/Shot Stop
Location Name: Lake Lotus Park (off-Site Parking)

8903 Magnolia Homes Rd, Orlando, FL 32810

Google Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/wU62Mztua2UEqgGVA
Hare Notes: We are Joining the GLOBAL, UN Sponsored “World Peace Through Beer” event!!!!
If you want to participate in this event you are asked to bring one or a few international beers to share with other hashers that are participating. The beers must truly be international beers. So beers like: Dos XX, Modelo, St Pauly, most Guinness are brewed in the US and don’t count. Suggest going to Total Wine (or other snooty beer place) and discuss with them what are “True International” beers to bring…
We will start the WPTB beer tasting ~2:30, for those that bring international beers.
I will bring some disposable shot glasses to use for this tasting of many beers.
Also, bring some paper and pen to take notes!
Lastly, we suggest to post in the comments below what type of beer you are bringing to help with making sure we are not all bringing the same beer.
Feel free to DM “HS Hasher” if you have questions on this event.
This Pre run tasting is separate from the hash. The trail will still be $7.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***