O2H3 #2195

Hash Cash: $7
O2H3 #: 2195
Title: Veteran’s Day trail
Date: Saturday, November 11 2023
Hare(s): Let Him Finish, Blood Spit and Rears
Meet: 3:00 PM
Kitcar Away: 3:30 pm
Hare Away: 4:00 pm
Shiggy Meter: 3.569
Trail Info: Beer/Shot Stop
Location Name: Soldier’s Creek Park
Address: 2400 FL-419, Longwood, FL 32750
Google Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/7QoCEyubbUCRKsDMA
Hare Notes: U-S-A U-S-A U-S-ACome celebrate The US Armed forces with us, and drink a beer to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
We’ll be having a beer stop and a shot stop, ~3 mile trail. It’s a lot of nature paths, So should be nice and shady, and with just the appropriate amount of shiggy to keep things interesting.

-Seacrest out

O2H3 # 2156 Full Worm Moon

O2H3 #: 2156
Title: Full Worm Moon
Date: Tuesday, March 7 2023
Hare(s): Let Him Finish + Mystery Hare?
Meet: 5:30
Kitcar Away: 5:45
Hare Away: 6:00
Shiggy Meter: 2.69
Address: 129 Geneva Dr, Oviedo, FL 32765
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/m7qKppMESxESF82J6
Hare Notes: Hello, and welcome to our first(?) full moon hash of 2023! They decided to call it a worm moon for some reason, personally I don’t see the correlation, but I think there may be a way to incorporate this somehow.
Not gonna give away any secrets, so I can only promise that this trail will be laid with the same level of quality and care that we have all come to know and love at O2H3.Oh by the way, does anyone remember how to hare a trail?

o2h3 #1984: Big Brother Is Watching You Finish Hash

O2H3 #1984: Big Brother Is Watching You Finish Hash

Date: Saturday, January 25 2020

Hare(s): Let Him Finish

Meet: 04:00 PM
Kit Kar: 04:45 PM
Hare Away: 05:00 PM

Shiggy Level: ?

Cash: $7

3864 Carnaby Drive
Oviedo, FL 32765

Notes: Welcome to our own Orwellian nightmare this Saturday! Where; Beer is peace, Trail is shitty, and Idiocy is strength. Matching attire will be rewarded. Wear shiggy socks if you want to, but don’t think too hard, We will be watching. Remember, this trail is meant to be a warning, not a guide.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2001: A Hash Oddyssey

o2h3 #2001: A Hash Oddyssey

Date: Saturday, July 18 2020

Hare(s): Glowing Penis Hidden Finger & Let Him Finish

Meet: 3:30
Away: 4:15

Shiggy Level: 1.69

Trail Stops: Turkey/ Eagle Split (Yes), Shot Stop (Yes)

Cash: $7

Start: Publix Super Market at University Palms Shopping Center
4250 Alafaya Trail #148,
Oviedo, FL 32765

Notes: Cum out for a run through the 2nd largest ghost town in the USA…whoops, I mean college campus. There will be a Turkey/Eagle split with a H2O/Beer stop. Dress up as your favorite alien and LTD will cool you down with her slushy concocktion.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2029: New Years Eve’s Eve Birthday Full-moon (Cold Moon) Hash Party with Let Him Finish and maybe someone else…

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers - Full Moon

Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Hare(s): Let Him Finish

Meet:  6:30 PM
Kit Car: 7:00 PM

Away: 7:15 PM

Shiggy Level: 1.69

Trail Stops: beer stop

Cash: $7

Start: 650 N Alafaya Trail #101, Orlando, FL 32828

Notes: Let’s finish off the year right with the last shitty trail of 2020! Recommend bringing torches, warm clothing, and a fork and knife so that you may properly eat my dust while on trail 🙂
There will be a beer stop on trail, and a nice boozy cake at the end.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2052: Tutu RunRun with PeePee and FinFin

Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021

Hare(s): Pee Pee Pound Stalkings & Let Him Finish

Meet: 2:30 PM
Kitcar Away: 3:00 PM
Away: 3:30 PM

Shiggy Level: 1.69

Trail Stops: Beer/Shot Stop

Cash: $7

Home Depot – Park near the lake
3455 S US Hwy 17 92, Casselberry, FL 32707


Welcome back to another fine day in this our great American experiment where we will be continuing our long-standing tradition of stumbling around town while drunk and cross-dressing.
And yes, on this wondrous occasion we will also be celebrating the birthday of certainly one of the most people I have ever met: LTD
We’ve got a beer stop planned, and cake set for the end to hedge our bets. So, if anything goes wrong, at least you probably won’t remember it the next morning anyways. See ya there.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2067: Aviation Appreciation Day

Date: Saturday, August 21, 2021

Hare(s): Glowing Finger Hidden Penis and Let Him Finish

Meet: 4:00 PM
Kitcar Away: 4:30 PM
Away: 4:45 PM

Shiggy Level: -0.69

Trail Stops: Turkey/Eagle split, Beer/Shot Stop

Cash: $7

Behind the Oh! Que Bueno restaurant
1111 S. Semoran Blvd

Google Map Link

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to inform you that everything is ok. The hares are ok and will be laying the trail this weekend. On a side note, does anyone know how to hare a trail?

If you like airplanes and aviation, cum out and enjoy a special drink to pay tribute.

The Eagle split will have a little bit of shiggy, but not the kind you’re used to.

~~~~~~~~Please stay home if you’re feeling unwell.~~~~~~~~~

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2081: Sadie Hawkins Day (Wear dresses boys!)

Sadie Hawkins Trail, Reverse dressup

Date: Saturday, November 13, 2021

Hare(s): Let Him Finish and Fat Jew Fucker

Meet: 3:00 PM
Kitcar Away: 3:30 PM
Away: 4:00 PM

Shiggy Level: 1.69

Trail Stops: Beer/shot stop, Bar stop (bring cash & ID!)

Cash: $7

Greenwood Dog Park
1224 E. Anderson St. 
Orlando, FL 32801

Google Map Link

Sadie Hawkins Day (November 13th) can be described as a satiric race in which eligible women chase down terrified bachelors for the purposes of wedlock, an event which reverses the cultural norms of men as the romantic pursuers.

Now doesn’t that sound like a good day to hash? And besides, Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of role reversal every now and then?
This week we have a very fancy trail planned deep within the bowels of the city of Orlando. So, with respect to Sadie Hawkins Day, Ladies come dressed in your favorite men’s clothing; and us gentlemen will wear our sexiest prom dresses to match. Dress sharp! We’ve got a beer check and a bar stop planned, so be sure to bring ID and cash along with you.
Won’t you come dance with me?


*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2092: There will be mud

Date: Saturday, January 29, 2022

Hare(s): Let Him Finish and Just Johnathan

Meet: 2:00 PM
Kitcar Away: 2:30 PM
Away: 3:00 PM

Shiggy Level: 8.69

Trail Stops: Wet feet, Beer/shot stop

Cash: $7

Start: DUO58 Community Coffee Bar & Cafe
2842 S. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

Google Map Link

Let’s finish off January with a bang. This week’s forecast includes a potential naming of one Just Johnathan, and a whole lot of cold ass weather to go along with it. You may want to bring a jacket, because the temperature may reach lows of what can only be described as “taint-blisteringly” cold. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of shiggy on trail to keep you warm on trail. We will also have a beer stop on trail, fire at the end, and plenty of stupid shit along the way. Also I was just joking about the whole “mud” thing, there definitely will not be any mud on trail, you can trust me.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***