O2H3 #2177-Float Hash


You must rego AND pay on HashRego to attend.

O2H3 Float Hash 2023 (hashrego.com)


Hash Cash: $15

Hare(s): Orange and Blue Balls and Mystery Hare

Meet: 3pm

Kit kar away:4pm

Hare away: 4pm

Shiggy Meter: 2.69

Location: Rock Springs Bar and Grill

Address: 4939 Rock Springs Rd, Apopka, FL 32712

google map link:


Hare Notes:





O2H3 #2157-Name that Great Grandma

Hash Cash: $7
O2H3 #: 2157
Title: Name That Great Grandma
Date: Saturday, March 11 2023
Hare(s): POPO, OBB and Just Margie
Meet: 1:45 PM
Kitcar Away: 2:15 PM
Hare Away: 2:30 PM
Shiggy Meter: 4.69/7.69
Trail Info: Turkey/ Eagle Split, Wet Feet, Beer/Shot Stop
Location Name: Log Cabin House
Address: 210 Wekiva Park Drive
Sanford, FL, USA, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/WTn5sXACygoNi7hy6
Hare Notes: It’s that time of year again! There will be a dry turkey trail and a wet eagle trail. The turkey trail will have a beer/water stop. The eagle trail will have 4 equally spaced beer stops. Patch whores can collect a collectors OBB patch IF you complete the challenge consisting of the eagle trail that ends with a beer mile. There will be a naming for Just Margie. Feel free to bring towels and a change of clothes if you want to jump in the river to cool off.

O2H3 #2152 – Red Dress Hash

Hash Cash: $7
Title: By the way it’s Valentine’s Day RU curious?
Date: Saturday, February 11 2023
Hare(s): Thanks for the mammaries and orange and blue balls
Meet: 02:00 pm
Kitcar Away: 00:00 PM
Hare Away: 2:45pm
Shiggy Meter: 0.69
Trail Info: Beer/Shot Stop, BAR Stop (bring cash & ID!)
Location Name: Deviant Wolfe brewing
Address: 121 W First St
Sanford, FL 32771
Google Map Link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/YNCLrpC3Jsy7s6gM8?g_st=ic
It’s that time of year again for the O2H3 red dress run. Don your best red dress and accessories. This year we will donate money to Camaraderie Foundation (camaraderiefoundation.org) and Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge (btnwildlife.org).
Please bring money or extra donations for these charities.
This will be a run not a pub crawl. Wear sensible shoes. Bring money for beer on trail. There will be a bar stop on trail.

o2h3 #2148: Anything Scottish

Hash Cash: $7
O2H3 #: 2148
Theme: Anything Scottish
Date: Saturday, January 14 2023
Hare(s): POPO, Just Donna & OBB
Meet: 09:30 am
Kitcar Away: 10:00 am
Hare Away: 10:15 am
Shiggy Meter: 0.69
Location Name: Winter Springs HS – Stadium parking lot
Address: 130 Tuskawilla Rd, Winter Springs, FL 32708
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/XfETHmpGiwbtXnxa9
Hare Notes: Welcome to another rendition of the Highland Games. Trail is early to allow for those who want to attend the games. Registration to the games is $30 at the door or $25 if purchased before Friday at 8:00 am. Bring cash to the games to avoid ATM lines. NOTE: the forecast high is only 56 degrees so bring appropriate clothing.

o2h3 #1964: OBB’s Patch Challenge Hash

o2h3 #1964: OBB's Patch Challenge Hash

DATE: Saturday September 21, 2019

HARES: Orange and Blue Balls & Kiddus Interruptus

MEET: 02:45 PM
AWAY: 03:30 PM (Depending on the Gators game)

CASH: $7

SHIGGY: 3.69 Turkey / 7.69 Eagle

210 Wekiva Park Dr
Sanford, FL 32771

DETAILS: This is an OBB patch qualifier trail. However, in order to qualify for the patch, you must first pass the test. So choose wisely! I’ll give you a hint, Turkey Trail hashers will NOT qualify. This patch requires purity of mind, body and soul. Therefore, it requires baptism by water. Yep, you saw it coming. And by it, I mean shiggy. And by shiggy, I mean prolonged stretches of mud, water and muddy water. So bring a change of clothes or a towel or whatever you deem necessary to make it possible to drive home afterwards. But really, the river will clean you up. All you need is a towel and dry clothes.

I will have hot dogs, buns and fixings for circle. I will have the fire pit ready if there is need or want. And if I can convince my co-hare to make a rum cake…

Ps. Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, namely procrastination, the patches will not be ready for distribution at the conclusion of the hash. But fear not, I will take a photo of all worthy hashers who will receive said patch at my earliest convenience.

Pss. Almost forgot to mention this. The patch qualifier ends in a beautiful beer mile. That’s right, you get to view chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, donkeys and a parrot as you burp your way through that last trying mile.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2098: Mardi Gras

Date: Saturday, March 5, 2022

Hare(s): Orange and Blue Balls and Quicker Lick Her Up Her

Meet: 2:00 PM
Kitcar Away: 2:30 PM
Away: 2:30 PM

Shiggy Level: 8.69

Trail Stops: Turkey/ Eagle Split, Wet Feet, Beer/Shot Stop

Cash: $7

Start: OBB’s House
200 Wekiva Park Drive, Sanford

Google Map Link

Notes: Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Yes Mardi Gras has passed. But not the good times! So come celebrate it a few days late. Feel free to come a little early to feed the farm life. A few words to the newbs. The turkey trail is easy and dry. The eagle trail… not so much. Very wet and muddy. However, if you complete the 2 mile turkey or eagle you can finish it off with a mimosa mile (turkey) or beer (eagle) mile. Eaglets will receive an I survived another OBB trail patch. Some daring few already have one. The turkeys may be able to get a special mimosa patch. BONUS: Those who want can stay camping overnight as a prelude to the fun-a-muck campout in April.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2120: Float Hash

Registration Required: https://hashrego.com/events/o2h3-2022-float-hash-2022

Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022

Hare(s): Orange and Blue Balls, Just Stephanie, and mystery hare

Meet: 2:30 PM
Kitcar Away: 3:30 PM
Away: 4:00 PM

Shiggy Level: 2.69

Trail Stops: Beer stop

Cash: $15

Start: Rock Springs Bar & Grill (Park in side lot only, carpool as much as possible)
4939 Rock Springs Rd., Apopka, FL 32712

Google Map Link



To attend this event, you must rego on Hash Rego by JULY 19 and pay the $15 registration cost. https://hashrego.com/events/o2h3-2022-float-hash-2022 


The O2H3 Float Hash is an An(nu)al Tradition where the half-minds lay on their backs and do nothing… well they do it on the water… well actually it’s the motion of the ocean… or is it the size of the tube that matters? I’M ON A FLOAT!!!

Meet at The Rock Springs Bar & Grill, park in the side lot only and carpool as much as you can. O2H3 will not be providing beer at the start. Drinks and eats must be purchased from the bar. Remember The Rock is pay as you go. Opening tabs will not be allowed. Please support this very Hasher-friendly bar so we can enjoy this great hash venue for years to come. Let’s not blow it!

From there we will have a turkey trail for the walkers and an eagle trail for the runners, both are off-road. There’s a beer stop at the river launch. Here we will provide tubes for the fun leisurely float down the river. If you want to provide your own floating device you must carry it on trail.

We will end with a big fun circle, plenty of beer, and usual hash hijinks and jocularity. It will be a short walk back to your car from there.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #1983: Highland Games Hash

o2h3 #1983: Highland Games Hash

DATE: Saturday January 18, 2020

THEME: Anything Scottish: actual kilts preferred

HARE(S): Orange and Blue Balls & Pee Pee Pound Stalkings

MEET: 10:00 AM (03:00 PM Glasgow Time)
KIT CAR: 10:30 AM

CASH: $7

SHIGGY: 1.69

START: Winter Springs HS, Epps Sports Complex
130 Tuskawilla Rd
Winter Springs, FL 32708

DETAILS: Yes, it’s an early meet time. But since this is pretend Scotland we are on pretend Scottish time (3pm). The on after is at the Highlands Games. Tickets are $20 online or $25 at the gate. So order now and you can pretend the hash is only $2! See you bright eyed and bushy (or shaved) tailed this Saturday morning! ON ON!


*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2104: Pink Easter Full Moon

Date: Saturday, April 16, 2022

Hare(s): Cocks are Beautiful and Orange and Blue Balls

Meet: 3:45 PM
Kitcar Away: 4:15 PM
Away: 4:30 PM

Shiggy Level: 2

Trail Stops: 

Cash: $7

Start: Lake Baldwin Dog Park
1864-2018 S Lakemont Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Google Map Link

Notes: Grab your ears and baskets and your pink colors. We got Easter on a full moon with tons of trickery. Eggs and candy will be brought along with a mini game for the fastest rabbits of them all. There will be a trick to becoming first in the end if they decide to comply with the rules. Even the slowest turtle can beat the fast rabbits in this hash.

We will start at the dog park and is a dog friendly trail.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***