Just Zack’s 21st Bday Virgin Hash

What: Just Zack’s 21st Bday Virgin hash! (Just because he’s Special!)

Where: parking lot behind Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ 12100 Challenger Pkwy Orlando, FL 32826

When: Thursday January 23, 2020 at 6:30, hare away at 7pm

Hash cash: $5

Hare: Cums Dumps Goes

Shiggy: 1.69 (feet should Not get wet)

Hare notes: Cum out and see Floppy Dicks who will be in town for his crotch spawn’s 21st Bday and virgin hash! The trail will be laden with booze with a beer check that will lead to an end plentiful with the nectar of the gods! (Maybe even a cake!!!!) Hehe!!

O2H3 16th AN(nu)AL “BI THE WAY IT’S VALENTINES DAY” Red Dress Pub Crawl 2020

O2H3 Red Dress Weekend

Date: February 15, 2020

Hare: Thanks for the Mammaries

Cash: $20 / Pay at the Door

Beer Starts Flowing At: 3:00 PM

Starting Bar: Sideshow
15 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801

Notes: Come gussied up in your best red dress for the Main Event! You’ll be sure to turn some heads (who said head) one way or another. Besides strange looks from the muggles expect: beer, bars, singing, beer, pizza, patch challenges, and beer. But most of all comradery and beer

***Also free giveaway to the first 125 who rego***

Don’t forget your donation to this year’s charity – Back To Nature Wildlife Refuge. They need dog and cat food, bleach, paper towels, bath towels, baby wipes, dish soap, pine nuts, walnuts, and pecans or $$$

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

Red Dress Meet & Greet Pub Crawl

O2H3 Red Dress Weekend

Date: February 14, 2020

Theme: Red Pajama Party

Hares: Pussy for Less & Likes Tiny Dicks

Cash: Pay as You Go

Meet: 06:00 PM

First Bar: M Lounge
2000 N Orange Ave #100
Orlando, FL 32804

Notes: Meet and Greet the hometown O2H3 and out of town Hashers at this Red Pajama Party themed Happy Hour Pub Crawl. This is pay-as-you-go with a free shot stop along the way. Start is on the Rooftop M Lounge at 6 o’clock. Happy hour prices until 7:00. Wear your red pajamas for this fun filled pub crawl down Ivanhoe Row.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

O2H3 XMAS Party 2020

O2H3 Xmas Party 2020

WHEN: Saturday January 4, 2020 @ 07:00 PM

WHERE: Private
(Please see the event in our private Facebook group or contact us for location)

WHAT: It’s time for the an(nu)al Other Orlando Hash House Harriers Xmas Party. Like always there will be run hash earlier in the day and a Party at night. The hash will provide mixers, beer and meat! Please bring a covered dish to share (NO CHIPS!). There is a sign up sheet below to keep track of what people are bringing. Also don’t forget to bring something for the $20 White Elephant gift exchange.

Covered Dish Signup Form:

Covered Dish:
LTDMashed Potatoes w/Gravy
Quicker LHUHGreen bean casserole
ScoobyDeviled eggs
Donkey PunchChips
MammariesRoasted vegetables
IvaSquishy stuff... Maybe crunchy, I don't know yet.
Velmas Bitch Mac&cheese
Regattavegetable curry
Kiddie & ChipCream Puffs

o2h3 Black Tag Meeting: Summer 2020

O2H3 Black Tag Meeting

Date: Sunday June 28, 2020

Meet: 12:00 Noon

Cash: $0

Location: Lake Formosa Park
1801 Alden Rd
Orlando, FL, 32803

Notes: It’s the biannual time for airing of grievances ! Bring your happy ass and a chair to stick it in to our favorite outdoor partisan free zone! The collective of half minds will discuss hash related subjects such as: should we increase hash cash? Should we drink Natty Ice. Should virgins be free? Any many more of your favorites to hash and rehash (pun intended)! IF you have a subject to place on the agenda, please DM Orlando Hash. I can’t wait to see these suggestions!

Someone in MM will bring coolers full of beer, to liven up the discussion! It would be swelllll if you, as the black tagger, would bring something snacky to share. Who’s a black tagger? If you have to ask, it’s probably not you! JK, LOL, if you’ve hashed with OTHER ORLANDO H3 25 times or more, you will have received a black tag! Bring it as proof to the meeting! LOL JK again, no need to prove it, we have records to show who’s done what and when . Send me those agenda items!!

o2h3 #2003: Coulrophobia Hash

o2h3 #2003: Coulrophobia Hash

Theme: Coulrophobia (extreme or irrational fear of clowns)

Date: Saturday, August 1 2020

Hare(s): Fist Me Gently & I Think I’m Tile (Scooby)

Meet: 04:00 PM
Away: 04:45 PM

Shiggy Meter: 2.69

Trail Stops: Beer Stop / Shot Stop

Cash: $7

Start: Candyland Park
599 Longdale Ave
Longwood, FL 32750

Hare Notes: Let’s celebrate National clown week by running around & scaring the muggles 🤡

Cum dressed as your favorite clown or create your own special little horror with makeup & colorful clothing! Ronald McDonald, insane clown posse, pennywise, bozo, John Wayne Gacy…possibilities are endless! (We’ll have extra Red Noses for those who want them-never used)

We will have a Jell-O shot & beer stop with waters for those who want to wait to savor the beer at the On-In.

*may have a bar shot stop, so bring mask on trail just in case-we will announce day of*

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #1991: Worm Full Moon Hash

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers - Full Moon

Date: Monday, March 9 2020

Hare(s): Likes Tiny Dicks

Meet: 6:30 PM
Kitcar: 6:50 PM
Away: 7:00 PM

Shiggy Level: 1.00

Trail Stops: Shot Stop (Yes)

Cash: $7

Address: TJ Maxx (Oviedo)
1115 Vidina Pl
Oviedo, FL 32765

Notes: Dig around your drawers for a tshirt with a worm on it to celebrate the Worm Full Moon! There will be a shot stop and an awesome end. On-On!

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #1997: Summer Solstice Hash

o2h3 #1997: Summer Solstice Hash

Date: Saturday, June 20 2020

Theme: First Day of Summer

Hare(s): Fist Me Gently & Scooby Do Me In The Ass

Meet: 02:30 PM
Kitcar: 02:45 PM
Away: 03:00 PM

Shiggy Level: 3

Trail Stops: Shot Stop (Yes)

Cash: $7

Address: Kroger Specialty Pharmacy
3200 Lake Emma Road
Lake Mary, FL 32746
*turn onto Sand Pond Road from Lake Emma Blvd & parking lot will be on right*

Notes: First day of summer is finally here. Let’s celebrate by decorating in our brightest hash attire & get ready to sweat our asses off even more. Mostly pavement pounder with some light shiggy, a beer stop & a few other, not so typical, hash fun along the way to celebrate summer solstice.

Come out & support small businesses afterward at Genetic Brewing which will be hosting a brand new taco truck, “Itzayana”, that afternoon! Reserved space and beer specials for the hash crew.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***

o2h3 #2018: Oktoberfest Hash!

Other Orlando Hash House Harriers

Date: Saturday, October 24 2020

Hare(s): Cums Dumps Goes & Glowing Penis Hidden Finger

Hash Meet: 01:00 PM
Kcar Away: 01:35 PM
Hare Away: 01:45 PM

Shiggy Meter: 01.69

Hash Cash: $7

Start: Pet Smart (South side)
4510 S US Hwy 17 92
Casselberry, FL 32707

Hare Notes: Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit!!! It’s that time of year again and can you believe that COVID didn’t effect Oktoberfest!! Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke!! Hoi! Hoi! Hoi! Cum dressed in your best German dirnl or lederhosen cuz after the hash we are headed (who said head!) over to the fest! Bring a mask to get in. $5 at the gate Check out the link to the fest below.

*** THE HASH IS 21+ ONLY ***